AirChord was established in 2005 out of San Ramon, California as a multi-media streaming company that converges mobile and web technologies. AirChord Technologies allow content distributors to seamlessly integrate with Live TV channels, Video-On-Demand (VOD) content, and even social media, allowing them unparalleled distribution options.

AirChord is a multi-media streaming technology company that converges mobile and web technologies, allowing us a unique and robust set of services, and the capability to perform them on any operating platform.

Since its inception in 2005, AirChord's primary focus has always been Cloud TV infrastructures, but as technological capabilities progressed further, AirChord ventured into pioneering other uncharted technologies but our Cloud TV platform remains one of the strongest and most efficient in the market.

AirChord's primary formula for success has always been to invest in services that assist and complement our base, and our focus on integrative services shows; AirChord products are available on all mainstream platforms, capable of accepting all mainstream codecs and standards of communications, telecommunications, and broadcasting hardware, giving us exclusive access to the use of almost any kind of communication medium in the world, so content can be delivered to anyone in the world from anyone in the world!

Another exciting example of AirChord's passion for ingenuity is unique social gaming platform. With AirChord social gaming, gaming consoles and internet devices around the world can inhabit a fully integrated gaming market together, while at the same time being able to connect with each other on a social level using mainstream social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook etc.

Our Content Delivery Network Technology allows cloud distribution of signals through the internet throughout the world, regardless of initial source or even number of servers! Gone are the days of servers crashing due to load, and networks becoming congested, slow, and costly due to constant accessing of the same files from different clients; AirChord CDN technology takes care of it.

Despite unparalleled technology capabilities in the world of video, AirChord's capabilities don't end in content management and delivery; utilizing a sharp team filled with dedicated computer scientists and a brilliant engineering staff, AirChord ventured out of its main base and into the world of information technology, solving data infrastructure problems directly related to the customer's needsusing a seasoned team of hardware and software analytical specialists that have specialized experience in all branches of information technology management and utilization.


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