Q1.     What is AirChord ?
A1.     AirChord introduces the world of radio and video on mobile. Now you can listen to your favorite radio and video channels present across the world anywhere, anytime while on the move.

Q2.     Why is AirChorddifferent ?
A2.     With Users becoming increasingly mobile and increasingly dependent on their Mobile phone to meet their entertainment need, users expect to access Internet Radio and Video while on the move. AirChord exceeds this expectation by allowing Users using their mobile phones, access to high quality radio, video and television stations of their choice. Thus AirChord brings you a package of both audio and video streaming. 

Q3.      What do I need to access AirchordChannels ?
A3.      To access AirChord you need
* A supported phone running Java, Symbian OS, Window Mobile OS.
* A wireless Internet connection on GPRS, CDMA, 3G or WiFi, preferably an unlimited data plan.
* An AirChord account on website to register or login.
* Download and install the AirChord application client on your phone through the link either from the website or through SMS.

Q10.      How many stations can I access through Airchord ?
      Using Airchord, you can access many Radio Video and TV stations currently available.

Q12.    Can I share my personal station play list with my Friends?
    Yes, you can share your personal playlist with your friends through broadcasting them in our website.
Q13.    Where can I create/edit my personal My Favorite section?
    You can create/edit your playlist on your personal page under the My Favorite section. Any changes made to your playlist on the website are reflected on the device on the AirChordclient.This unique solution allows you to conveniently edit the play list on a PC rather than struggling with limited/inconvenient keypad or screen on your mobile phone or PDA device.

Q16.     How do I report a problem?
     Log on to our website and simply post your query at or contact us at our contact details.


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