Acquisition, Play Out & Storage

Airchord is your one stop shop for anything to do with digital content; we provide content distribution, as well as server management and configuration to incorporate any hardware you have, and deliver things YOUR WAY.

This means you can play virtually ANY file format, codec, or standard into virtually any format output. No dealing with networking, technical support, server configuration diagrams, and most importantly, no mess in your professional IT environment - our deployments come preconfigured for all your needs; we can even house them for you in our secure dual power redundant server facilities.

Play out your content with confidence and control to any device compatible with your chosen output format. Not sure how to configure your system? No problem! AirChord's skilled sales associates and technicians can assist you in a build and/or layout that will suit your specific needs.

Upload your Medias once and let AirChord'sMedia Cloud take care of the encoding

High-quality Media keeps viewers engaged and watching longer. Present your media in its best light. Upload your Media content and Media Cloud takes care of the rest with the most advanced encoding technology to deliver high-quality Media to any desktop or device.

Multi-channel Upload to match your workflow

Effortlessly upload single titles or an entire Media library with tools that match your workflow. Use the browser-based Media Cloud Studio for point-and-click file selection or automate your upload process using our robust media APIs or FTP batch processing. Not near a computer? Use our Mobile Upload App to record and upload Medias directly from your iPhone.

Upload once, create multiple renditions with Adaptive Transcoding

Give your viewers gorgeous Media every time. AirChord Media Cloud accepts your media in almost any format and encodes it using single or two-pass encoding technology to maximize quality and minimize file size. Media Cloud automatically generates multiple renditions of each source file based on default settings or your custom encoding profile.

Streamline delivery with CDN Propagation

Avoid the hassle of copying and managing files in content delivery network (CDN) storage. Media Cloud streamlines the process by automatically propagating encoded content to the content delivery services included in your account or directly to your preferred CDN.

Finally - easy Media content management

Whether you have a few Media clips or thousands of full-length episodes, our online Media CMS makes it easy to sort, manage and organize your entire media library. With convenient features like batch editing and drag-and-drop playlists AirChord Media Cloud provides everything you need to organize and manage Media content.


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